Friday, January 16, 2009

WebReach Announces Mirth 1.8

Mirth 1.8 has over 200 new features, improvements and bug fixes driven
by your feedback. Some highlights for Mirth 1.8 include:

- Added delimited file support (e.g. CSV files)
- Added DICOM Listener (C-STORE SCU) and DICOM Sender (C-STORE SCP)
- Improved server stability and performance
- Improved UI performance and usability
- Improved inbound and outbound queuing and queue message management
- Added network share authentication support to the File Reader/Writer
- Added SSL and TSL support to SMTP connections
- Added attachment and HTML support to the Email Sender
- Added XSLT transformer support
- Added ability to reprocess and replace stored and errored messages
to only specific destinations
- Added support for transformations using an external JavaScript file
- Added option to check for and install new Mirth updates and updates
to Mirth extensions
- Added auto-creation of the Mirth database schema if it has not been
created yet
- Added ability to import/export entire connectors

You can browse the Mirth 1.8 release notes for the complete list at:

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